We adopted "Honey" 5 months ago around January of 2008 and her story is so beautiful, like all the rest!

The first picture is "Honey" at the doggie park. She loves to swim, although she looks a little awkward. I take her to the doggie park and the beach every chance I get because it is her favorite. There is not an animal she does not love. She is getting very used to the cat and they tolerate each other. The cat wants to drink out of Honey's bowl and not her own. I've never seen a dog love other dogs so much. We have lots of family dogs that visit her daily.

The second picture is with my grandson, Jacob. She really does great with all six grandchildren. The three year-old twins give her a run for the money though. She doesn't care for them in her face, but tolerates all. She is so loved by all.

The third picture, she is in my bed, where else? She likes the golf cart, people food and our bed, in that order. She has learned many commands; sit, stay, lay down, speak and puppy dance, which is her favorite. She stands on her hind legs and twirls for a treat.

The fourth picture is Honey picking blackberries with us. The only things she will not eat are blackberries and popcorn. She loves pickles, broccoli (only with veggie dip, though) tomatoes and, of course, the usual steak and burgers. I try to just stick with dog food because I know it is best, but it's really hard not to give her everything she wants. She has been the biggest joy of my life in years. I don't know who is luckiest, us or Honey! We have so much fun with her. We go camping, to the beach. She just loves her walks, but mostly she and Mike go golf cart riding every day and she runs along side for a little bit for exercise. She knows the word "golf cart" and you cannot say it in front of her unless you really mean you are going pronto!

When we take her to the vet, she is the center of attention. When I call, they say "You mean the coonhound? I can't wait to see her." When I walk her, everyone notices. She is the only coonhound in this area I believe. We were riding in the golf cart a few days ago and this man hollers, "Wow, beautiful!" I said, "You mean me" and he laughed. I knew he meant Honey, like everyone else. I want to be her "master", but she really likes Mike. If he just didn't have that darn golf cart!!! Every morning she watches constantly to see if she can to go the job with him (he takes her often). When he puts on his shoes or picks up a set of keys, she starts her prancing and dancing and gives him a sad face and he cannot resist. If perchance she cannot go, she runs to every single window in the house trying to watch the truck leave without her. Her front feet went through one of the screens once, but of course she can do no wrong.

What a pleasure, what a treasure Jayne has brought into our life and given us the opportunity to be a part of Honey's life. Thank you, Coonhound Rescue, for the joy you have provided to our lives that seemed to be OK at the time. But now I do not know how we ever lived without her presence, her beauty, her smile (yes, she does that smile like the others), and her love for us. Did she get lucky? Or did we?

With love and thanks to all of you lifesavers,
Lynda and Michael

Page last updated on 4 June 2008