Virgil was adopted and came to his new home October 20, 2007. He followed a coonhound mix and a purebred black and tan. Virgil is an energetic fellow, loves to play most anytime and has an assortment of about ten chew toys. He often expresses his happiness by chewing. He finished off a bone in weeks that we had for over 20 years going back to our first dog, the coonhound mix. Virgil loves his walks (6 miles a day), rides in the car, loves to eat and enjoys his family. I'm sure he'd love to have another canine playmate, but will just have to suffer with playing with his humans and our driveby hugs. Many thanks to the Black and Tan Rescue for making Virgil available to us.

25 October 2008

Just a few pictures of Virgil today. Still very camera shy and being very silly outside. Racing around while I was trying to take pictures. He's doing very well and looking forward to warmer weather. He has settled in very well, a part of the family now. I walked him the three miles without a leash, but it's easier with one. He gets interested in stuff and then won't come immediately on command.

Thought you'd like the update.


22 March 2008

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