After adopting Willow a few years ago, we knew the time would soon come to get another coonhound -- Boris J. Moose. He came to Blacksburg, VA on Superbowl Sunday and has been enjoying himself ever since.

He has had his share of health issues -- kidney problems and an eyelid mass removed, but hopefully his vet visits are over for a while now and he can enjoy the beautiful southwestern VA spring!

Boris and Willow have been pals since the day they met and enjoy stealing toys and bones from each other. Willow showed Boris all the good sniffs at the park, and Boris has accepted his cat sisters. The house is now filled with the loud snores of 2 coonhounds - and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Willow received her Canine Good Citizenship Certificate last fall, and now it is Boris' turn.

Thanks to all who took care of these two great dogs before they came to us!
Kiley and Jeff

30 April 2009

We just wanted to update everyone on how Willow is doing. Here are a couple of pictures of a trip to the beach - Willow lives for chasing the ball, and then letting it roll into the water for us to fish out. Back at home, she has become my running partner, and also loves to visit the local dog park. Anytime we take her anywhere, everyone comments on what a well-behaved, good girl she is. Willow loves her stuff animals and is careful to not take the squeaker out so she can continuously squeak whenever we are on the phone. She also accompanies us to the tennis courts where she hordes the missed balls until we come to collect them from her.

She continues to be a great dog, and we look forward to adopting another rescued pup after our wedding this summer!

Willow sends her love.
Kiley and Jeff

2 April 2008

Willow came to us on Easter, and has been enjoying southwestern Virginia ever since. She is learning to live with her two cat sisters, and can't figure out why they don't want to play with her. She enjoys her morning and evening walks, and afternoon runs to the park to play with her squeaky ball. Boy, does she get up to top speeds when she wants to! She recently took a vacation to the beach, where she was a little scared of the waves, but loved to dig in the sand to find a nice cool spot to people watch. Everyone comments on what a beautiful dog Willow is, and how her tail is so long it touches the ground! Thank you so much for taking care of such a wonderful dog until she came to live with us! Willow sends her love.

18 May 2006