Summer, our precious Redbone girl, has been with us now for almost 6 months. What started out as a fostering endeavor quickly turned to, this girl is ours! She pranced right in to our home and acted as if she has always been here. It is amazing considering her neglect and lack of human affection and interaction in her previous life. She is one sweet girl and ever the snuggle bug. One thing is for sure, these coonies are very resilient. She has undergone heartworm treatment with flying colors and now is heartworm free. She gets along famously with our two black and tans; Tanner and Holly and enjoys being "different" from the other two.

Summer will start obedience school in March, which is long overdue. This sweet girl has absolutely no manners. She gets by on her gorgeous good looks! Where ever we take her, people swoon over her! My husband adores her; she can do no wrong. One flash of her sorrowful eyes, or a prance of her wiggle butt and that is all it takes for him to immediately forgive and forget. When she ate my camera, he said "Did you see her eat it, or did you just assume". Nope, I caught her in the act, but he said he didn't believe it.

Thank you Jayne and ABTCR for the "opportunity" to rescue, foster and adopt this sweet little red velvet head. We appreciate and admire all that you do for these amazing creatures. God Bless.

Marianne and Bob Palmer

11 March 2012

I wanted to give an update on our two precious coonies. This summer we had the misfortune of losing our house due to a fire. If it had not been for Tanner, we wouldn't have made it. The fire happened at 1:30 in the morning. Tanner barked and barked and finally we awakened to a house full of smoke. We immediately went to the coonies who were in their crates. Holly was unconscious due to smoke inhalation and Tanner, dazed and confused, ran from the house and collapsed in the middle of the road about a block away. After a few horrifying minutes, we were able to revive Holly by mouth to snout resuscitation and oxygen from the fireman. They were then immediately taken to the vet hospital and transferred to our vet. After 10 days at the vet, they are perfectly fine; no residual effects whatsoever. As we are re-building our home, Holly keeps informing me that there is no way she is ever going back in her crate; I agree!

Thank you for our beautiful and loving coonies. They are not only fantastic companions, but life savers too!

Marianne and Bob Palmer

9 October 2009

Tanner, Margaux and Holly

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Thank you for all that you do for these wonderful dogs; we love our coonies!

Marianne and Bob Palmer

25 December 2008

I wanted to share these photos with you, as well as a brief update. The photos are from Hollyís graduation from Beginners Obedience Training. She moved onto the intermediate class, but hasnít quite graduated yet. In fact she has had to repeat the intermediate level course. Higher education just isnít for her. However, we are hopeful she will indeed receive her diploma the second time around. If they were to recognize those who have the most adorable face and are the sweetest, she would be the Valedictorian for sure! What a sweet heart.

Thank you again for helping to bring Holly into our family. She is such a joy.
Marianne and Bob Palmer

21 May 2008

I wanted to update you on Holly. The trip home was uneventful; however, Holly was scared to death and trembled pretty much the entire way home. Sunday, she was withdrawn, very timid and passive and wouldnít eat or drink anything. Our cat took full advantage of her and was on the offensive attacking Holly every chance she could get.

I stayed home from work to be with her Monday when she finally emerged as a new dog! She was and continues to be playful with our yellow lab, ate and cuddled with me on the couch. She also waged an attack on our cat and treed her in our Christmas Tree and we finally heard her coon hound voice. We have, however, corrected her of that behavior inside the house. We have a leather couch in our office and she climbs up on it and places her dainty little feet on the back and peers into the mirror on the wall and looks at herself!!! What a hoot! Her appetite has picked up too. She sleeps in our bed with her head on my chest and is my shadow around the house. She is just adorable.

Miss Holly escapes from the crate EVERY DAY. We have tried new crate clips and ties; it is the most amazing thing. Her crate is in our laundry room along with the cat's food bowls and litter box. There is a gate with the smallest of pet doors for our cat to come and go, and believe it our not Holly manages to squeeze through it, too.

She is so sweet and perhaps the goofiest dog I have every owned. We love her so much and she has us wrapped around our fingers; HOWEVER, she is in dire need of obedience training and will begin an 8 week course next Saturday.

Thank you and keep up the great work. Several of our friends have fallen in love with Holly to and have expressed an interest in a Coonie of their own. I have directed them to the ABTCR website!!!

Marianne Palmer

17 January 2008