Here is a long-overdue update on Ella (previously Queen of Hearts) & Wyatt Earp. Wyatt came to live with us just over a year ago, but about 6 months into our time together I decided that we all could use a little more company, and started looking for another coonhound. Wyatt had come from Texas, and the fine folks at Rescue had driven him clear up from Dallas to within 2 hours of our home. I couldn't impose a second time, so started looking for possible dogs closer to home. When I saw Ella, with her funny one white stocking, soulful eyes, and heard from her foster mother about what an angel she was, I decided she was the one. We met up in Iowa (about half way for each of us), and she curled up in the back seat and snoozed the whole way home.

Ella is as laid back and quiet as Wyatt is crazy and full of energy! He will dance around her in the yard, barking and jumping, and she will simply raise her head up in the air and watch! They both love the dog park and are quite popular there. Ella has discovered the family of rabbits that lives under the deck, and periodically thinks she needs to get them out of there. Neither are barky except when I come home from work. Then Ella will let loose a loud bay, letting everyone else in the neighborhood know too!!

We love both of them, and are so blessed that they can be part of our lives. I never tire of telling people about the great work being done at ABTCR, and can never thank them enough for saving these 2 wonderful strays!!

Thanks for everything you do,
Sydney, Grace, Trinity, Wyatt & Ella
North Platte, NE

23 April 2012

Well, I've been meaning to do this for some time! Finally got my act together and got the photos downloaded off my camera, and here, after way too many months, is an update on Wyatt. After a divorce about 1.5 years ago which left myself and two girls without their beloved coonie, we finally were settled enough to try to find a replacement for that missing piece. I had known about ABTCR previously, and began conversing with Jayne to help me identify a dog who would be good with my still-young children. Wyatt was the clear leader of the group (nevermind that he was also dashingly handsome!!) After talking with Jayne and his foster mom I knew he was the one, we adopted him on February 28th, and he made the long trip up from Texas to Nebraska via the transport caravan (to whom I will forever be grateful!!).

I was hooked from the moment I met him, and so were the girls. He has been such a great addition to our home!!! He loves the dog park and is always a perfect gentleman. I get asked often what sort of dog he is (as hounds are not that common around here) and complimented on how beautiful he is and what a nice dog he is! He's the perfect ABTCR ambassador! I never worry for a second about him being aggressive with other dogs or people, even when the occasional brouhaha does erupt at the bark park. Wyatt just jumps around the edges, wagging his tail, waiting for the others to get done being silly and come play. He's amazingly quiet as well. The only time he ever barks is when he thinks you (or another dog) should be paying attention to him and you aren't. He loves being loved on, and would happily have his head on your lap 24/7. He gives the most gentle coonie kisses too - just watch out for that wagging whip attached to the back end!!

We've been so grateful that ABTCR saved this amazing goofball from the kill shelter that he was in, got him into such a great foster family, AND made the valiant efforts to get him across the country to us. Don't know what we would do without him now! Thanks for all you have done for us and these amazing animals!

Sydney, Grace, Trinity, & Wyatt
North Platte, NE

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