Just wanted to update our happy family. Looking forward to summer.
Thanks to Rescue for the greatest gifts and God bless your efforts.

Mike and Barb Kent

4 July 2011





Just wanted to say "hi" and send some pictures. Frankie has filled out and is just the sweetest soul. Lil Lou is now almost as tall as both Annie and Frankie.

17 August 2009

"The kids are alright." Franklin Howard aka "Stitch" and Annabelle Lee "Annie" are doing just fine. Frank has a lot of energy that Annie is still getting used to. They fly through the house playing so hard that before I knew it my loveseat sofa ended up in the dining room. Doggie decorators? Cool!!

I would rather they do that outside but as we all know the weather has been out of control these past few weeks. Hot Hot Hot. When I open the door, they look out, turn around and plop down. The American black and tan (air conditioning required) coonhounds.

Yesterday I took them both in the car to go visit my co-workers who really wanted to see them since I have their pics plastered on the wall in the office. They traveled so well I think Frank helped Annie since she is still a little fussy in the car. She even laid down for a while. Frank is a great rider. Everyone loved them. To my surprise, they didn't know much about this breed of dog, so I showed some of the physical characteristics like the pencil marks, nose bump, tail markings and of course their ears. Everyone got such a kick out of the ears. They were a little hesitant about petting them since they have the Doberman, Rottie markings but once they did they were surprised with their sweet temperament. They asked "Don't they bark?"

Annie is very dominant yet protective of Frank. She tries to eat his food while guarding her own bowl. But my little Frankie is a tattle tale so he will start barking to let me know. Too funny. He is almost as tall as Annie and relentless. I have never seen a pup put down and keep coming back for more I am anxious to see how this plays out. He's a tough pup. He reminds me of a shark...the closer he gets to you the wider his mouth opens. They don't exactly curl up with each other and as you will see in the pics Annie has established the hierarchy of sleeping arrangements. But at the same time they are inseparable.

Well, two is better than one. They certainly keep each other occupied. My sister-in-law congratulated us on becoming parents. She quoted Bill Cosby saying "You're not a parent til you have two." So now I look at them laughing while asking "where is my other slipper?" who knocked over the plant?" and "who chewed the toilet paper off the roll?

We're one big HAPPY FAMILY!!

6 August 2006

Just wanted to let you know that Annie (Yasmin) is doing very well and enjoying springtime in her fenced backyard. But at the moment she is stretched out on the couch snoring. She has been the best dog, more than we could have ever imagined.

Barb and Mike

29 April 2006