Bella is doing great. She turned out to be BIG (55 LBS.) BEAUTIFUL girl. She is very much loved around here. We are so thankful to you for finding her for us.


3 December 2008

Here are some photos of Bella at her shower. She had a great time, almost as much fun as we had. She is growing so much. She looks like all ears and legs. She is the best puppy!


26 February 2008

Yours Truly is home in Santa Fe! She travelled many miles to join her new family and she fared well. She is very bright and curious and a most loving dog. We are enjoying her very much. She looks forward to her morning walks so she can experience all those new mysterious scents and meet our neighbors with their four legged companions! She is having a great time!

We call her "Bella" meaning beautiful and what a beauty she is! Wow! Bella starts dog school next week...more fun! She is so smart she will learn more quickly!

Thank you so much for all your time and energy that you put into this adoption. We are impressed with the hard work and love you that you give to these precious coonhounds!

Happy New Year!
Meryl and Al Chaney

6 January 2008