"YumYum (now "Annie")"

Just wanted to let you both know that Yum-Yum or "Annie" is doing wonderful! We love her! She has adjusted well and our other coonhound, Jessie, is enjoying having her to play with. It is amazing what a good puppy she is and how fast she has learned things! Jessie is being a great big sister helping Annie with her potty training and walking on a leash. Annie is teaching Jessie how to play with toys she has had for 3 years now and never touched! They both love to sleep together on the large dog bed and also on our large bean bags upstairs in the playroom. They have gotten along so well together. We couldn't have asked for a better pair of dogs.

Our 3 boys have loved playing with the dogs out back in our yard (boy do they run and play hard!) and showing Annie off to their friends and school (on Thursday and Friday I took Annie to their schools...she even got to come in the preschool classroom for awhile!) Greg and I want to thank you for letting us have Annie--she's been a great and fun addition to the family!

Take care. Hope all is well.

Page last updated on 17 January 2006