Jeb is doing very very well. He is exactly as was advertised, a laid-back but wonderful addition to the household. Jeb got along well with our bloodhound Ruby right from the start and they are close buddies now. We did have a bit of scare in the first week as Jeb came down with a fever and was diagnosed with erlichia canis (most likely from a tick bite) but he was immediately put on antibiotics and quickly returned to form. He is enjoying walks through our neighborhood and along the river because he can smell the deer that live here and he loves to let out a big howl to let us know he smells them. He has really become a big snuggler and loves his quality time getting belly rubs.

Thank you again so much for suggesting him as our new addition. We are very grateful.
David H. Picotte

Page last updated on 12 February 2017