Rugby, or The Rug, as some call him is doing great. Fitting in very nicely with his new environment. I have to say, he is becoming quite the ham bone when it comes to getting attention. He loves people, being with them, around them, among them. We've been in obedience classes for the last several months. Rugby has become the teacher's pet. Jill is always excited to see him and always works a little extra with Rugby and he loves it! Jill wants me to keep working with him and start competing in Obedience Trials. I find that rather funny as she doesn't see him at home when he's in his rambunctious moods. He did pass the AKC CGC test, he is now a Canine Good Citizen. We are starting Agility in November. I think he will love the challenge and the pace. Right up his alley!

Barbara, Troy and Rugby

27 November 2014

It's been a busy several weeks! Rugby has been to work twice, a long weekend at Cedar Key, bath at the Salty Dog, out and about in the neighborhood and lazy days in the back yard. He is settling into his new home and lifestyle quit well. He loves going to work. My staff has promoted him to CAO, Chief Attention/Affection Officer. Rugby is always looking to cash in his debits for belly rubs and my team is willing to oblige. Financial Statements bore him quickly, but he sure figured out how to get everyone working for him. No deficit on his books.

The three of us went on a trip to Cedar Key. Rugby took afternoon siestas in between playful bouts with one of the local dogs, Rocky. He loved his long walks around the key as well as just sitting and watching the activity on the salt marsh.

One of his favorite things to do is go for a ride in the car. He sits in the back like a person and just watches the world go by.

All this activity makes him a tired and sometimes stinky coonhound. I think he most enjoys laying around the back yard sunning himself and last weekend he enjoyed a warm bath at the Salty Dog.

Every day is a new day with Rugby. Something new for him to learn as well as something new for Troy and I to learn. He has given us so much joy in the short time he has been in our life. We are looking for many more years of learning, laughing and loving!

Until the next update. Big things to look forward to; Easter with the whole family, a week with Harry (my parents White West Highland Terrier), fun filled weekends with Mommy and Daddy.

All the best,
Barbara, Troy and Rugby

20 April 2014

Rugby is adapting so well to St. Pete. We are crazy about him! An amazing dog. Learns so fast, he is great at walking now, learned to sit today, and had a ball at the dog park (really likes Bella, a young female dog there...they run like greyhounds!). He also had lunch with us downtown, and he did great. Most amazing thing: great with the cat. Kind of shocked at that, he just accepted it and moved on. Thanks again for all the support. He's a great dog.

Troy Kurtz

26 February 2014