Zima's a great fit for us. She's such a lover and the feeling is mutual. She's also a great play pal for our lab. After Zima arrived, their friendship began with a game of chase and that was "the event" for several nights to come. Fortunately now though, they've moved onto tug. (Most importantly, this is much safer for passersby.) In only about a month, we've gone through about 3 new stuffed animals. Dogs must have an uncanny sense for search and recovery when it comes to toys, that is search for the squeaker and recover it.

One of the things that we've come to appreciate about Zima is her talent for howling with a stuffed animal in her mouth. She sounds like a hound with a muffler when she's warning Sis to keep her distance from her toys. Despite an obvious size difference between them, Zima's definitely not afraid to stand her ground with Sis, yet it's always done peacefully. They've managed to swap dog kennels, pillows, and even take turns on the chair we swore dogs wouldn't be allowed on. There is somehow this mutual understanding about what's mine is yours and yours is mine, all treats aside. We're all looking forward to the spring when we're hoping to put up a fence so the dogs can play in the yard.

Thanks so much for helping us out with our adoption and for caring about the welfare of so many dogs without happy homes. We continue to look at the website once in a while to see how all of the other hounds are doing and feel very fortunate that Zima was so well taken care of before we adopted her. It's so sad that all of the dogs haven't been.

We're wishing more hounds more happy "tails."
Nathan and Kelly DeBaillie, Zima and Sis

Page last updated on 3 March 2006