Here are some recent shots of "Ruby." She is doing well, although she did get out a couple times, but thankfully she comes back. We fixed the places where she got out and hopefully that's the end of that. Other than that, she's a sweetheart and we love her to pieces. These are my 2 children with Ruby.. they love her, too. Our dobie has calmed down since and she is turning out to be a good role model for him..lol..:) She is actually rubbing off on him, I think..lol... maybe a little... :) She plays and lets him know when she's had enough.

Barbra and family

24 April 2008

She is such a cool dog. She's fitting in perfectly - my husband is so impressed with her. She is doing exactly what we need her to do -- she listens to us already, doesn't try to run away when she gets out of the fenced area, she lays calmly and doesn't get in the way, and she's calming our boy down already which is the best part. She hasn't gotten sick of him yet, which is the first. LOL!!

We are very happy with her....thank you.

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