It is with a heavy heart that I am informing you of Watson's (Alexander the Great's) sudden death. Roughly one year ago he began having seizures. Our Vet prescribed Phenobarbital which we gave to him daily. The Pheno kept his seizures down to approximately one per month but in October of last year he began to have clusters. After he began having multiple seizures in the course of one day the Vet recommended administering Potassium Bromide along with the Phenobarbital, which we did. He hadn't had any seizures since the middle of December and we thought everything was under control. About five days ago he became very lethargic and on Sunday he developed a cough. On Monday we took him to the Vet where blood was taken along with several chest X-rays. Watson's lungs showed signs of being filled with fluid and there was also fluid around his heart. The Vet told us that his heart was enlarged due to having heartworms in the past and he had developed a heart murmur as well. She sent us home with Antibiotics and a Diuretic and ask me to retain a Urine sample to take by the office the following day. Based on the test that she ran on his urine she was afraid that his kidneys were beginning to shutdown. We were scheduled to take him for an Ultrasound on Wednesday morning but unfortunately he died Tuesday night. Shortly after midnight I had let him out for his usual bathroom break and when I opened the door to let him back in he simply collapsed on the floor. I yelled for my husband who was asleep upstairs and in a matter of moments Watson took his last breath. I hope you know how much he was loved and how much we enjoyed having him these past two years. He was such a "gentleman" and a faithful companion. I am going to miss his "goofy" behavior and Huck has surely lost his best friend. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I felt that I should let you know that his life had abruptly ended. He was beautiful to watch as he ran through the fields and I never regretted bringing him into our home. I only hope he knows how much he was loved and how badly he will be missed.

John and Angie Doggett

Alexander the Great's Happy Ending Page

9 May 2010