It is with a heavy heart that I am letting you know that Amber (Cinder was her name at adoption) has passed. After we found out that she had multiple tumors on her spleen, she deteriorated very rapidly. She was euthanized lying on her bed in our living room - she went very peacefully.

Amber…what a lady. She was the epitome of a formerly unappreciated, nearly starved hunting dog who won the lottery and lived the last 2 years of her life as a cherished family member. She never once got so much as scolded - she was an angel dog. Her coonie companion, Cole, is rather lost without her right now and her human family is beyond sad. She passed way too soon but we are so grateful that the last two years were spent with us - eating good food, sleeping on one of several great beds, hunting if she chose and being told that she was loved every single day. Thank you, Amber, for blessing our lives.

With tears in my eyes after writing that (common here lately), I know that we need to start looking for another companion for Cole. He will not be happy as an only dog. Thank you, so much, for the work that you, the other volunteers and foster parents are doing. Amber truly was a blessing to our family.

Kelley Unglaub

15 October 2016