Thursday marked the end of an era. Thursday was the day we said our good-byes to AnnaBelle. During the last few months, her health slipping, we made several trips to the vet, just hoping that we could continue to give her some more time to enjoy the dog’s life she so much deserved. The last couple days became hard for her and hard for us, as we watched her perk her ears and put on a happy face, all the while trying to fight off the pain that was over taking her body. I knew in my heart I didn’t want to let her spend any more time in pain. God only knows the amount of pain she endured before she came into our home. I did not want her to go there again. She was a good pup.

She was a classic. She was unique. She was one of a kind. In the recent months she began sleeping in late – until 11 or even as late as 1pm. We had to work on getting her up and out. Just a couple weeks ago, I returned from my morning run with Apollo. It was 18 degrees out and 6:15am. Who met me at the back door with her tail wagging? AnnaBelle! She wanted to go for a walk too! I told her no, it was cold and I was all sweaty. She barged through the back door and down the porch steps and did her gallop to the gate where she waited for me. I couldn’t deny her a walk. I clipped the leash on her collar and off we went. Her 10 minute walk was only as far as one house, all the while her nose was down and her tail doing the all familiar swirl it was known for. As usual she marked “her spot” about 7 times and we headed back home where she found a bed to curl up and get warm in. This 10 minute walk is one of the feel good memories I have.

Thanks to Jackie Foster, Shelley Joch, Anne Heckle, Cynthia Plackmeier who all worked so feverously to get AnnaBelle out of the kill shelter on that horrid last day, four years ago. I still have the emails to prove it! Not only did you save a wonderful pup, but you gave her to us!

We love you AnnaBelle and will miss you. You will be forever in our hearts!

I could go on forever, but I won’t. Here is a link to her Happy Endings page which she shares with Apollo. I really want to share her before and after pics - scroll half way down, where here story is told. Pssst…She turned us into failed fosters and proud of it!

The Streckfuss Family – Laura, Steve, Jenny, Kelly & Stevie – and Apollo

11 February 2014