It grieves me to have to tell you that we lost our much-loved Annie to liver cancer two weeks ago. I can't believe the size of the hole that leaves in my heart and life. Annie was my constant companion, 24 hours a day. She slept with us, did everything with us. She brought us great joy and much laughter. She was a clown and a smooch and a fabulous walking partner. Our cat doesn't know what to do without Annie fake chasing her. Our schnauzer, Sugar, is lost without Annie bossing her around.

We aren't ready for another dog yet, but we will get another later. You recommended Annie and couldn't have sent a better dog. Our entire neighborhood is missing her - her joyous bay and her outstanding personality. She was one in a million and I'm so very grateful for having had her in my life.

Sally Curran

Annie's Happy Ending Page

13 September 2013