Leo was a wonderful companion and I miss him so much. He developed diabetes 4 years ago but that did not stop him as he ate like a champ and on time every day so it was manageable. The complications that came with the disease he overcame with our help, Cataracts, Leo had the surgery at Tufts and came thru without complications. He had a mast cell tumor removed 3 years ago and everything was great until he suddenly stopped eating last week. A stomach scan and test showed cancer and within 3 days of not getting him to eat even at Tufts his health deteriorated. Friday he went outside, lied down and would not come back in so he was telling us it was time. I carried back into the house.

Leo came as advertised; when I spoke with Jessie his foster father, he told me Leo was chill and that was just what we were looking for because of the craziness of Luca our Bluetick that loved to bite. Leo was a star around the town and just a great animal.


19 December 2017