Audrey Lou came to us in February 2008 as an emergency foster. Little did we know that as we worked through her issues, she would steal our hearts...and all the bread from the bread drawer...and the meat from the freezer....and the trash from the trash container. Our 3 other furry dogs learned great tricks during Audrey Lou's brief stay with us. She became family and joined the chaos of our home and lifestyle.

We moved from the East Coast to Colorado this year and upon arrival were finally able to have the cough and the weight gain diagnosed. She was in Congestive Heart Failure. She had had it all along, but had compensated well, and still had a great quality of life.

As the months passed, her heart weakened, the special diet and meds could no longer sustain this great girl. She refused to eat!!. Knowing her penchant for food, we knew she was telling us it was time. We all miss Audrey Lou: her antics, her talents when paired with food stuffs, her ability to clear a room, and her lovable ways.

The Nelligans.....both fleshy and furry

6 August 2009