The late great “Blue” only blessed our lives for a few short weeks before he was tragically taken from us on February 5, 2010. He came to our foster home as a stray, and not much was known about his background. We don’t know if he ever knew love or appreciation. He was a beautiful Blue Tick puppy, about 9 months old. He was a great dog with a sweet personality. He was smart and quickly learned the rules about house training, counter surfing (not allowed), and which of our other 8 dogs were grumpy and which ones weren’t. He learned to sneak into our bed through the railings in the wrought iron headboard because the other older dogs wouldn’t let him jump up the regular way. He learned to bark at the side windows of the house because the older, crankier dogs wouldn’t let him in through the doggy door. The bark he had was amazing! He gave new meaning to the phrase “big bawl dog.” We didn’t know him very long, but he touched our hearts. We want to tell the world how much we loved him and what a great dog he was. We miss you, Blue, but we’re sure you’re having fun across the bridge with the other dogs who have blessed our lives.

20 February 2010