Back in May, 2008 we adopted a wonderful Black and Tan Coonhound from you at the Black and Tan Rescue Association. His name was Confucius at the time of adoption, but we changed it to Stanley. I picked him up at Ontario Airport in Ontario, CA on 5/15/2008 at about 1AM in the morning. Stanley was a wonderful dog, he loved us and he was my best friend for the whole time we had him. We walked everyday rain or shine and he got along great with his older sister ,Stella our bloodhound, and his two little brothers, Nikko and Harry. Stanley was very well behaved, never started fights or acted selfish towards the other dogs. He cuddled with us on our bed during the winter, but preferred his own bed during warmer seasons. Sadly on Wednesday May 31st Stanley suddenly stopped eating in the middle of breakfast and laid down and didn't really move for over two hours. My wife Shelly took him to our vet for a quick examination to see what was wrong and he was diagnosed with Lymphoma which was confirmed after tests with an oncologist on Friday June 2nd. Unfortunately we could not save him, and one week later he was so weak and despondent that on Friday June 9th Stanley passed away as we had to have him put to sleep on doctor's recommendation.

All three of the other dogs look for him, especially Harry our little white Maltipoo who loved Stanley dearly. Shelly and I also expect him to come bounding into the room and make that wonderful Coonhound sound.

Thank you to the Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue and Jayne Schlegel for a wonderful experience in owning a Coonhound.

Shelly and David Puckett

21 July 2017