Dinah came to us as a foster in October of 2012 when she was 5-6 years old. She had been found in Alabama with 3 puppies that had been adopted and it wasn't long before we all agreed she was staying with us. She was so sweet and gentle and would do anything to be petted for as long as she could. She also loved to eat more than any other coonie we'd ever met; her name was soon changed to "Pork Chop" after a particularly sneaky theft of our dinner. She moved with us to Kansas City where every morning she'd jog around the backyard. She fell in love with snow and snoozing in front of the fireplace.

We'd always said that if she ever lost interest in food, we'd know something was wrong. In May, she had little interest in food and no longer enjoyed being in the yard with us. The vet could find nothing acutely wrong and we had to admit she was done. We buried her in the corner of the yard where the rabbits go under the fence and the opossum climbs over, one of her favorite sniffing spots.

She is sorely missed. We were so lucky to have had her with us.
Molly and Paul

18 June 2021