When we adopted him

His life with us

We adopted Jack Daniels (he became Jackson/Jackie) FKA Domino from ABTCR in April of 2014. We had been looking at a Redtick, but I recall y'all sending us a photo of Jack and we couldn't resist. I am saddened to inform y'all that Jackie did pass away on 9/30/21. He had been diagnosed with Lymphoma in June.

We are now in Reno, NV. Jackie lived a full and incredible life. Thank you for rescuing him and bringing him into our life. He helped us welcome our son James in November of 2015 and the two were inseparable. We are lost without him but we hope to open our home and hearts to another rescue when the time is right.

Thank you for all you do.
You literally brought us an angel and we can never thank you enough.

Melissa N. Malone

16 October 2021