I just wanted to send a thank you for having Dooley added to your rescue back in February of 2009 so we could adopt him. He passed away Saturday October 23, 2010, just 1 year and 7 months since we adopted him from your rescue. Old hounds are the best. I would do it all over again knowing his time with us was short but it was the most quality time in his life, I hope. He loved his treats but never cared for toys. Dooley was very social. He loved, loved, loved people and everyone Dooley met loved him. Very many people were sad to hear of his passing. He touched so many lives.

Dooley would sometimes come to work with us and his presence just made everyone smile. What a super lovable bear he was. We called him our Dool Bear. He wanted to be pet and loved more than anything. He would just stand next to you until you would pet him. He loved all people and loved us a lot. We were so lucky to find him and we were happy to give him all of our attention.

We found out in July of this year that he had cancer. We decided to put him through an operation. After his surgery in July he was a new dog, a spring chicken. He would gallop, run, jump and was just so happy for his final 3 months. There was no sign of his sickness. We were so blessed to have had him 3 more months with his energetic and happy demeanor.


27 October 2010