1/07/10 - 2/11/11

Breeze blows by
Whispering words into my ear
Numbness grips my soul
And my scary heart skips a beat

...Sun setting down the prairies
Signals the end
Will you ever come back to me my love?
I am shattered and broken

The flowers have died
My tears have dried
These wounds will never heal
Unless you touch me

Even in a stone
Lies a heart Soft enough to pardon
Believe me my love,
I am shattered and Broken

With a heavy heart and overwhelming sadness we report the news of the sudden and tragic death of our beloved Sweet Zoey Jane (formerly "Echo"). The excruciating pain and sorrow felt with her loss is almost to hard to bear and especially difficult for us to comprehend. On the evening of February 11th Zoey and her best doggy friend, Delilah, scaled our rock wall and Zoey was struck by a car. She was immediately rushed to the animal hospital; they did all they could do for her and as sad as it was I’m thankful that she didn’t suffer. Zoey’s best friend, Delilah, was spared the same hand of fate that night, which is amazing considering they always stuck together like glue.

Zoey came into our lives on a very hot summer day in May 2010. We looked at a few photos of her and we were totally smitten with her sweet little face and joyful at the thought of rescuing her. She had a very sweet, gentle nature and she was happy go lucky girl right from the very start. I strongly believe that her early fostering love and affection had everything to do with her sweet and trusting disposition.

Zoey was really so strikingly beautiful to look at. Such an expressive face. Big soulful, almond shaped brown eyes. A soft, glossy thick black healthy coat. Long and soft silky ears. Zoey bonded immediately with her best friend, Delilah; it was love at first sight. To watch her sprint around the yard with her friend was comical. At first she was very clumsy with her big feet, but quickly became as graceful as ever to keep up with her very swift and agile Boxer friend. Seventy pounds of slobbery bouncing bundle of joy she was. Smart as a whip for her young age, just a year old. Amazingly Zoey was able to open doors by jumping up on the latch with her front paws and pushing it open with her nose! The things she really loved - marrow bones, chew sticks, peanut butter, belly rubs, ear rubs, romping around the yard with her best friend Delilah, grooming, walks, rides in the car, company coming over to visit. She loved to counter surf and garbage dive and she could lick a plate clean in two seconds flat. Most of all she liked cuddling on the couch with her Mom. We will surely miss petting and massaging those long soft silky ears and the sound of her moaning in bliss. The sound of her happy paws prancing with her sideways strut on the hard wood floors. She gave a lot of love and got a lot of love in return. In our short time together we shared many fond memories and we so looked forward to sharing so many more. There was much more for her to discover and explore. We would have loved to see her grow up and fully transform into the lady that she was destined to be.

Why fate dealt her this hand we will never know. What we do know is how fortunate and blessed we were to have ever had her in our lives. Sweet Zoey “You were the Love of My Life“, so many people loved you and will miss you deeply. Mom will miss you most of all,, my darling baby girl and a piece of me went right along with you that fateful night.
You are forever in our hearts.


22 February 2011