It is with a heavy heart that I write about the passing of Ronix (formerly Eddy Arnold) on June 10, 2021 where he crossed the rainbow bridge and gained his wings. He has been fighting and fending off 3 different types of aggressive cancers since 2015, and even lived an additional 2 years past what my veterinarians gave him. I am forever thankful that I work in the veterinary field and have been able to give him nothing but the best in medicine and quality care, and I think with that and his easy lifestyle we gave him, he kept fighting. Several months ago I had to switch him to canned food and hand feed him every meal, and it wasn't until he started to refuse to eat for a few days and his quality of life at that point was significantly declining that I made the tough decision to peacefully and humanely ease his suffering. He was a hound in his young days that would run off with a loaf of bread or a whole ribeye, so to see him have no interest in anything from filet mignon to cat food, he was telling us something.

Ronix was with me since June 9, 2009. The one thing that absolutely sold me on him was his love of water. I could never keep him out of my pool, and if you look back at his first story, I drove from San Jose, CA to Kingsport, TN and back in 1 week to go get him. He brought so much joy and laughter to my life, and all I ever wanted for him was to just live out his life in comfort and with lots of love, and that he did. His favorite spot was to lay on the couch for at least 22 hours of the day. He was your true rags to riches story and has such a huge spot in my heart. He was the most gentle, goofiest loving hound I have had and he lived to the ripe age of 14.

I miss him dearly but can say that he is in good hands now eating all the ribeyes possible while laying on the couch and relaxing. One quote we live by in veterinary medicine is "I would rather help my friend a month too early, than an hour too late." It is always hard to lose a special dog, but our four legged friends rely and depend on us to do right by them.

Thank you to everyone involved in rescuing Ronix over 12 years ago and for ABTCR to continue to save the lives and give many other Coonhounds another chance at life.


Ronix's Happy Ending Page

18 June 2021