I adopted Eli from your organization several years back. Before Eli came to live with me, he had been found wandering in a parking lot near Chattanooga, TN. You transported him to Little Rock, AR where I picked him up and brought him home to Nixa, MO.

Sadly, Eli died after contracting melanoma 10 months ago. I've attached a couple of pictures, including the last one I took of my sweet boy. That last week was rough but he never left my side. Always there. Ever faithful. Our last trip to the vet was tearful but it was a beautiful day outside for him to take his last walk and his last breath. Before he died he looked me in the eye and winked at me, telling me it was all o.k. He was such a loving and gentle soul. Lazy as all get out. Loved a good hike. Enjoyed a good road trip. He was a great companion and will sorely be missed.

It will be some time before I'll consider bringing another dog home. But when I do, you can rest assured it will be another rescue. Eli was my second rescue. I cannot imagine any better way to help a dog than by adopting. Thank you for allowing me to be loved by a coonhound. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Kristopher Morehead

21 July 2017