I sent my sweet Elliott to doggy heaven on the 19th of November 2014. He was 12-13 years old. He was having grand mal seizures that were lasting 20-30 minutes. The vet put him on a medication that seemed to be helping a great deal. He made it 28 days with only one petit mail seizure. But unfortunately on the 19th of November he had five grand mal seizures, one after the other, and then he started to show signs of a lesion/ brain tumor and was becoming unresponsive to my voice. I took him to the vet and sent him to spend time will his doggy friends that had passed away as well. It was one of the hardets things I have ever had to do and seeing him in that state ripped my heart out!! Loosing Elliott was so so hard for me. Also my Coon Jenny was so upset when he went through these seizures that it made it even harder for me. After Elliott went to doggy heaven, Jenny spent over a week shaking and whining. It broke my heart all over again to see Jenny so upset over loosing Elliott. In the last day or so Jenny is starting to settle down. I know we do not supposed to have favoritess but Elliott has most certainly been the favorite dog I have ever had!!!


Elliott's Happy Ending Page

2 December 2014