In fond memory of Elroy and Rudy. The dynamic duo; gone but never will be forgotten. Two completely different Black and Tan Coonhounds who brought so much joy to our life and home. Elroy was the official neighborhood and local parks ambassador, he never knew a stranger human or dog. Elroy was always ready to visit, play, swim, take a road trip and clearly announce his arrival or was just as happy sleeping on the couch or bed. Rudy was our loving, noble protector and kept everything in check, especially the delivery trucks, the mailman and any visitors. Rudy loved sleeping wherever the sun happened to be and snuggling on the bed. We were happy to be known as the couple with Elroy and Rudy, the two amazing Black and Tan Coonhounds.

Both will always remain in our hearts - until we meet again sweet boys.
Run free always!

Elroy: November 20, 1996 - February 10, 2007 (passed from bladder cancer)

Rudy: August 25,1998 - July 31, 2011 (passed from old age and most likely a brain tumor)

Faith Pawlik and Jim Messineo

4 January 2014