On Friday, July 16, 2021 we had to put our sweet Merry girl down. She was in the last years of her life, still enthusiastically enjoying her daily car rides and walks, though significantly slowing down. She had developed fear and anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, or gunfire. If the forecast or holidays called for a storm or fireworks, we made sure we would be with her to help ease her mind. Her beautiful black and tan coat had flecks of white and her muzzle was predominantly gray. On the morning that we had to say, "Good-bye," Merry was not feeling well. She was uninterested in her breakfast--a first. We took her to our veterinarian and learned through an X-ray that she had an inoperable tumor.

Our hearts are broken. Life without her is profound. The three of us communicated with each other all day long. She graced our home for 8 wonderful years. Being childless, she filled a void for my husband and me. Her name, "Merry," was derived from Proverbs 17:22, "A merry heart does good like medicine." We were all happiest when we were together as a family. The goal we established from the moment she became ours was to have no regrets. It was a priority to include her in every aspect of our lives-- visits to family and friends, trips to church, stores, appointments, restaurants, etc. Our amazing moments in creation were shared with her by our sides. On the rare occasions when we had to be apart, she was sad and that bothered us. When we'd arrive home Merry would greet us with a joyful, full-bodied wiggle, her tail vigorously wagging, sounding like a drum if she happened to be standing next to a wall. She made us laugh and smile. Merry was loving, gentle, and kind. She was a faithful friend who brought comfort--a precious gift from God whom we cherished. With all of our hearts, we love and miss you, Merry. We will never forget your sweet spirit.

Charlene and Rob Lepre

Merry's Happy Ending Page

3 August 2021