What do you say when the world’s greatest dog passes? Izzie was our life and our light. On meeting her you could tell she had been treated poorly prior to coming to rescue. 122% a daddy’s girl, she loved sleeping with her daddy every weekend on the bed. A hunter, she loved to go to the park and sniff and chase a raccoon up a tree if seen. She was very attached to her parents and therefore liking other humans wasn’t her thing. She had a best friend named Erskine next door; when he was a puppy she took on as his adoptive fur mother, teaching him the ropes on life.

She loved to go anywhere in the car, except for the vet!!!!!! Loved getting treats at the coffee shop and donut shop.

As time went on, she became more open to other humans but mom and dad were her main peeps and that was okay with them. She had 3 basset hound friends and many other fur friends. She enjoyed standing at her point in the yard and watching the world go by. She LOVED little kids; my great niece and her were inseparable when she came to town. She HATED the UPS man, trash man and the vet.

Izzie was taken from us on August 22, 2017, by the cancer beast. Thank you to Coonhound Rescue for all you do and we will be back in the future after we heal. 9.5 years of her were not enough!!!!!!!!!!!

The Glenn Family

Izzie Lu's Happy Ending Page

26 August 2017