My dearest Charlie Zachary passed away on Friday, January 18th. He was acting fine but would not eat dinner on Wednesday night. Brought him to the vet on Thursday where he stayed overnight. He had a fever and the x-rays showed a little fluid in the lung. He lost 7 pounds overnight. He went to an animal hospital on Friday afternoon and passed away 2 hours later. The doctors said he had heart disease and he ended up with severe pneumonia. They didn't know exactly what caused the fever.

He fought every condition that was given to him. He had numerous surgeries including double cataract surgery last summer (he was almost blind but he got his sight back), many benign tumors removed, lung surgery, etc.. His hearing was just about gone. He had diabetes so I would give him 2 shots of insulin daily. He was on meds for a thyroid condition, high blood pressure, arthritis, and dry eye. He also had 6 bullets (buckshot) in him when he came to us.

We don't know what happened to him before he came to us but he was perfect. Charlie was a true gentleman - always sweet, gentle, and so polite. Charlie came to us through AB&TCR in April 2007. Such a perfect match for us. We couldn't have loved him more.

John and Judi Morrison

Charlie's Happy Ending Page

25 February 2013