My husband and I adopted "Hey Good Lookin'" from your wonderful rescue 13 years ago. It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to tell you that after our Logan has crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by his most favorite people.

Logan has been the absolute best friend. I call him my sweet, my goofy bananas, and most recently my old man. Several years ago Logan developed a heart murmur that has progressed slowly into heart failure. He simultaneously was experiencing some spinal myelooathy causing painful spasms in his back legs. The vet said while both can be managed in the short term, he would eventually start having syncope which would likely be fatal. We made the difficult choice to forgo some days with him to alleviate his suffering and allow him a peaceful last day surrounded by his favorite people.

In the 13 years we've had Logan we've found him to always find the best place to take a nap, to be a loving care-taker always finding the person who needs care the most, and to be a silly jokester with a unique sense of humor. He loves laying in the sunshine on our porch, rolling in the freshly cut grass, and digging critters out of the back yard. He has a fascinating fondness for kittens and children. He loves having his belly scratched, in fact his favorite greeting has always been a big bow which was an invitation to give his sides some good scratches. I'm not sure you knew how appropriate the moniker "Hey Good Lookin'" was. He somehow has vanity and loves having baths, nail trims, and being told how handsome he is. He has the softest velvet on the crown of his head, gives the sweetest kisses, and has a joyful pounce that just melts your heart. Most importantly he has become our constant companion, especially during a work-from-home world. We built him a lavish nest of blankets in the sunlight of a window in my husband's office and he would spend the days with his dad, watching the birds in the windowsill.

There are no words for how much we are going to miss his presence in our lives but we find comfort that he will always be in our hearts and watching over us. Thank you for bringing us together all those years ago. This picture of Logan we just took - handsome as ever and of course in the sunshine.
~ The Funderburks

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6 January 2022