I am so sad to let you know of Jackson's passing. I adopted Jackson when I lived in Johnson City, TN in 2007. Jackson had been found wondering in the woods around Wytheville, VA. He was laid back and had a beautiful coonie voice and was a perfect match for me. We moved to PA in 2008 and he loved to go for walks and we spent many weekends walking around Valley Forge Park which is just down the road from our house. Jackson enjoyed life and every where we went people always stopped to pet him and comment on his beautiful face and long ears. He was so loved by many. The beginning of March he wasn't feeling well and I thought he had injured his leg at doggie day care. After xrays, cold laser therapy and pain medicine he wasn't getting better and wasn't eating very well. An ultrasound was done and it was discoverd he had three liver tumors. I was sent to an organization in West Chester, PA called Veterinary Oncology Reseach Center. On March 19th they did an aspiration of the liver tumor and started him on an IV because he was very weak from not eating much. The results were not good and on March 21st, I was told he had cancer throughout his bodty and was in so much pain. He passed that same day. I can't thank VORC and my local vet (Deveon Veterninary) for all their support and care of Jackson. I miss Jackson so much but I know he is not in pain anymore. Thank you for letttng me adopt him back in 2007. He enriched my life so much and I would like everyone to know what a great coonhound and companion he was.

Diane Hamilton

26 April 2013