We lost Ms. Kady (Kady Scarlet O'Hara), our 12 year old Black and Tan Coonhound, on August 21. She was big and lovable, had a great personality, and always wanted to play with everyone (human and furry) and continued to do so even later in life with all of her physical limitations. She always brightened up our day and always let us know when it was time to get up, time to eat, and time to take her medicine with that classic Coonhound Howl. Her jowls and skin were like a big ball of dough begging to be massaged and those big floppy ears and sad eyes were magnetic and would always pull you in. Thank you Kady for providing us with so many loyal and wonderful years together, for being being so much fun, being such a memorable dog, and for being such an inspiration and leader to our other furry forever friends. We will miss you.

Tim Eggert

31 August 2020