My beloved Kramer passed away with cancer on December 2, 2016. Kramer fought his battle since February 2016 when it was discovered that he had a 17 cm tumor on his spleen. The vet was able to remove his spleen and tumor but the diagnosis was that he only had 3 months to live.

Kramer was only with us since being adopted back in March of 2013 when we picked him up in Westminster, MD from his foster parent. It was a rocky road when Kramer came to us but with love and support he became a wonderful addition to our family. He learned to love his sister, Baby, who at first he wanted to kill but with training he learned to love cats. He didn't like men with baseball caps and bit his brother in law but again with love and support they became good friends.

Kramer was my best friend and protector, never leaving my side for a minute. I am still grieving and I now I have to pick up his ashes from the vet but I can't bring myself to do it yet. I have gone several times to the parking lot of the vet but cry uncontrollably and have to drive away. It is going to be hard without him but I will have my memories and they will live on with me until we meet again in heaven.

Melanie Cole

15 January 2017