We adopted Dave and Jetta on 2/26/11. Dave was Mr. Personality while Jetta was timid and shy. Dave passed away in October, 2017 and Jetta passed away December, 2020. They are now reunited again, chasing each other and making lots of noise!

These two taught us a lot about patience and routine. Dave tested my patience every day (smile), and Jetta believed that If you got up at 5 am when you were working, you should also get up at 5 am after you retire!! Every day was full of love and laughter with these two. After Dave passed, Jetta realized that becoming the only dog also meant that she was now a Princess. It was heartwarming watching her grow into a confident, sometimes bossy sweetheart.

Both were cremated so they are still with us today, and we sure miss all those slobbery kisses! We hold loving memories forever in our hearts. Thank you American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for saving these hounds and to Molly Madison for being their wonderful foster Mom.

Lynda and John Brudvig

Jetta and Dave's Happy Ending Page

27 January 2021