Liberty Belle was adopted by our family in 2005, when she was between 1 to 2 years. Belle had been rescued from a camp and was brought in to a nice foster family in Georgia. Our family drove to Georgia from Florida to get her and, at the time, was our 4 year old son's choice for his 4th of July birthday present. She was a small, sad girl at that time, with tattooed ears and a real fear of bicycles. We brought her home and she was a truly loved part of our family for 11 more years. Belle left camp life behind for a couch of her own in the a/c and a yard full of squirrels. All our neighbors loved and laughed at her BAY...and her ease at training all visitors to our home to just where the treats were located. Belle is very missed by her people and brother, a Dachshund. She overcame much...but lived a great life. Thanks to this rescue organization for bringing so many years of love to our lives.

Jaime Arner

21 June 2016