Delilah came into my life Labor Day weekend as an emergency foster needed in my area. Originally named Lila, she was with us for 2 days and became a foster failure. After almost 6 years to the day of brightening up our lives she journeyed across the rainbow bridge on August 26, 2019. She lived out her final years in a loving home where she was unbelievably spoiled. She always had a comfy bed, tons of toys and even a furry sister and brother to play with. Her favorite thing to do was lay by the fireplace on the cold winter days and keep the yard free of wildlife (especially squirrels) in the summer. I tried to give her the best life possible and it broke my heart to lose her. It has taken me months to write this and it was especially hard on the other two kids, but now that we have slightly adjusted to our new normal it helps me to know she is at peace and has no more pain after her struggle of a bone infection and partial paw amputation.

Thank you for bringing her into my life and allowing us to love her.

3 January 2020