I was so very alone and scared in that shelter. I caught a bad cold there. They called it "kennel cough" and "upper respiratory infection". All I knew was I felt sick and I didn't like being there. Then a nice lady took me from the shelter and said I was going to a Coonhound Rescue foster family in north Georgia. Before we left, I got be outside for a while with the grass on my belly and the wind blowing my ears. I looked up in the sky and I was happy. Then we drove a long way to get to my foster parents. When I got to my foster parents home I was so surprised to find several other coonie dogs like me! The other coonies played ball with me in the living room and that was fun! Foster Mom gave me my medicine but I didn't want anything to eat. Then Foster Dad cooked some turkey bacon and offered bites to me. OMG! Have you ever tried turkey bacon?? It is delicious! I ate several pieces and then was interested in some kibble. At night I had a brand new crate with such soft blankets. It was very nice and I slept well.

Then the next day I really started feeling horrible. Foster Mom & Dad said something was wrong so they rushed me to the Emergency Vet. Foster Mom seemed so upset when she put me down on the table. I just had to kiss her on her cheek to let her know it was going to be ok. The people at the vet's office were all very kind and gentle. They gave me a nice bed in a room of my own. This time they said I had Parvo. Every time Dr. Betsy or Dr. Jay would lean over to listen to my heart, I would kiss them on the cheek too, because they looked worried. Then I felt very weak and I couldn't stand up. My Dr friends were there and they both loved me as I slipped off to the Rainbow Bridge.

My life may have not been long but I learned people are nice and I was loved.
Thank You,
Liza Jayne

10 July 2013