It is with tear filled eyes and a broken heart that I share the passing of my best friend, my Maggie Mae (formerly "Lovergirl" adopted July 2010).

She has been such a joy for me in more ways than I can possibly express. Her absence is heavy, the house deafening stillness and quiet. I adopted her in 2010 when she was about 6 months old. We ran together, hiked together, cuddled together, did errands and my job allowed me to take her to work or work from home. We spent every moment together. She taught me an unmatched love and joy I am absolutely lost without.

She had slowed down and became sick the last year, but still enjoyed slow walks in the morning and watching the neighborhood from her bed on the porch in the afternoon. The vet tested her for everything but cancer, saying the bumps she had were lipomas and he was not worried.

She had trouble and began to bleed suddenly on Tuesday September 7. I took her to the emergency clinic where it was determined that she was bleeding internally from what was idiopathic IDP, but was then confirmed that it was cancer. The vet said that the tumors within her stomach and liver were the cause of massive internal bleeding after tests and xrays. I only saw blood from her mouth and nose and her not acting herself, I did not expect to say goodbye and go home without her. This happened within a matter of hours.

I bought her a cheeseburger and fries and laid down with my arms wrapped tightly around her as she crossed the rainbow bridge. I had her cremated and she is now home in her sunny spot in the living room. I sleep with her collar and I talk to her as if she is still here. I am lost without her, I look for her everywhere and even think I hear her sometimes walking around. The mind is a funny thing, filling in the silence with what was a beautiful loving 11.5 years together.

Thank you for bringing her into my life, I am a better person because of her.


Maggie Mae's Happy Ending Page

23 September 2021