It is with a heavy heart that we are letting you know that Luther, suddenly and unexpectedly, passed away Friday night, July 15th. All we know to tell you is that he simply had heart failure, but do not know why. We came home from dinner and he wouldn't get out of his chair, and when David picked him up to help him down he couldn't stand up and was panting frantically. We took him immediately to the emergency hospital where they x-rayed him to see if possibly he had a twisted stomach (which he did not). He crashed on the doctor on the x-ray table, and they attempted to resuscitate him, and only received a faint heartbeat, then he passed. The doctor said "they" say dogs do not have heart attacks or strokes, so he really couldn't be for sure what happened. He did say he could see what could possibly look like a tumor which could have been pressing on something, but again, not really sure.

We adopted Luther in July 2004. He brought us 7 years of so much joy and happiness. David and I were thinking of the dogs we've had over the years, all of whom we love so much, and Luther stands out as THE kindest, most gentle, most adoring, faithful, dog we have ever loved. I hope we were able to bring as much joy and happiness to him as he did to us.

We were so very fortunate to have been chosen to be his forever home, and we thank you and the rescue for allowing us the opportunity and privilege of being such. Luther is missed desperately by us as well as all his dog (especially his best friend Elvis) and cat brothers and sisters.....Daisey, Elvis, Oakley, Miss Kitty, Sassy, and Miss Mary.

Lisa and David Bowen

Luther's Happy Ending Page

22 July 2010