Mighty Dog Manfred, who we called Ambrose, died suddenly on January 11th following surgery the previous day. We adopted him in 2006. Sorry to say I do not have a good photo of him as he did not like the camera. Our beloved Black and Tan, Jubal, died from bloat in 2006 and we decided to adopt from Rescue. We contacted Jayne about a puppy that we saw on the website, but alas he was already adopted. Jayne promised to work with us to find a dog. Several days later she sent pictures of a skinny, starved dog who was picked up by animal control in Alabama. We were only too happy to give this guy a home. We picked him up on a hot sticky day at the Philadelphia Airport. He learned his name and house manners and was good with our crazy cats! Ambrose did not remind me of a coonhound, I always told Steve that I didn't know what kind of dog he was but I was pretty sure he was not a coonhound. A doggy DNA test told us he was a bloodhound, I told him he had a might fine costume because he sure did look like a Black and Tan. He never really unpacked his bags and had a lot of little issues (like not sitting for a picture) but we loved him. He will be well and truly missed by us and his special cat buddy, Edwin.

Steve and Barb Cicippio

10 January 2017