On November 17, 2011 I lost my beautiful Mariah Jayne at 7 years old. I thought we had lots of time but cancer robbed us of that. I treasure all the time that we had together. Your first night home in October 2005 when you flew over a sofa, table and landed on all fours. Boy, you could fly. Or the time you were on the bed with feathers all over you and the bed. The look on your face said '’the pillows attacked me I had to defend myself.” That is how you got the nick name “Pillow Slayer”. Then there was the time you ate 2 pounds of holiday cookie butter. You were sick that night. Yet another nick name for you was Butter Ball. As I said I treasure them all. We had some great times. I loved you from the second you stepped out of the car in New Jersey in 2005 when we took you home.

Your Dad, Aunt Irene, Duffy and Beckett miss and love you. I will always love you and I am honored to have had you in my life.
If we had 15 to 20 years together it still would not be enough.

Love you always, my beautiful Mariah Jayne,
Your Mom, Teri

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27 November 2010