It is with sad news that we had to say goodbye to Lucy on August 26, 2018. We estimated she was around 11 years old and even though that seems long it was not long enough. Lucy was a survivor - found in a kill shelter, heartworms, hair missing, skin infection when Cheri first fostered her - and she came to us in July 2011. She was my constant companion going on errands with me (post office, gas station, cleaners). I would open my sun roof, have all the windows down and she would stick her big beautiful head out the window with her ears flapping. Gosh, she loved those rides. We walked faithfully two (three) times a day. I can count on one hand the times we missed our walks (usually because of rain). I not only lost my best friend, but also lost my walking buddy and constant companion. Lucy loved every person and animal she met. I could never understand who would ever desert such a beautiful dog but then stopped wondering and just became thankful that we found each other. Thanks to Cheri and Steve for fostering Lucy and for letting her live with us for the past 7 years. Lucy will be forever in our hearts.

Linda, Charlie and Rachel Boyette

Lucy's Happy Ending Page

28 August 2018