Sally came into rescue after losing her home twice. She had been purchased as a puppy for her family's son. When her humans divorced, Sally went from living as an inside dog to the backyard of her dad. Time passed and when her Dad's Guard unit was called up, Sally had no place to go. When ABTC Rescue came to pick her up, Sally's dad guessed she was 8 years old but without any paperwork we never knew. Sally spent a lot of time as one of our adoptable coonhounds but her age was against her so she became a permanent member of her foster family. Sally had the most beautiful deep bay. She provided the bass notes to every coonhound chorus and all the squirrels for blocks around gave our yard a wide berth. Little did they know that Sally could live peacefully with all creatures. As time passed the black and tan gave way to black and white but as long as there was a soft doggie bed and meals were served on time, all was right in Sally's world. This last summer was a hard one for Sally but she never complained even when she could hardly take a breath due to the massive timors that filled her chest. Sally crossed the Bridge on September 9th. Her quiet dignity and gentle ways will be greatly missed.


29 September 2009