Milo's official name was "WyEast Who's Got Game" and we got him from the wonderful Kathy Corbett in Oregon. He was born on August 9, 2003 and flew out here all by himself. We picked him up at the airport and he came flying out of his crate, ready to play.

Milo was very mischievous, would do anything for a treat, loved to be outside and hike, and had an amazing recall when offleash (especially for a coonhound). He was also a huge bed hog -- would stretch out the length of the bed and put his head on your pillow. He had a great life and we all miss him terribly.

While there are a million things one could say about him, here are just a few additional tidbits: he loved to sleep on his back with his paws straight up in the air (like a capsized turtle!); he never met a toy he couldn't rip the stuffing and/or squeaker out of; he was the King of Central Park; he loved to dance (really, he did!); he secretly enjoyed having his teeth brushed; and while he wasn't necessarily the fastest dog in the park, he definitely had the best chase moves.

Milo would be very pleased and happy that the memorial donations will help other coonhounds in need.

Oh yeah, and he was a stinky little boy ...

Briana Joralemon,
Pamela King,
Naomi Morin,
Marilyn Cowger, and
Lucy, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, who was his best friend

6 December 2005