It is with tears that we report Belle's sudden death. She joined our pack in September, 2009 and quickly became the life of the party! She loved snuggling on the couch, chasing the ducks and geese by the river, and terrorizing her brother and sister. She was a good girl who was too smart for her own good, quickly learning how to open the kitchen door for all of the goodies inside. Belle insisted on being a lapdog, regardless of her lanky size. On the evening of May 15, 2010 during a cookout, she was spooked by some fireworks that were suddenly set off nearby. She tore off through the neighborhood and down a busy road, knocking over anyone in her path. A very quick girl, she made it over 25 blocks in under ten minutes when she was struck by a car. Our entire family was devastated and tearful during her little funeral as she was laid to rest with past beloved childhood pets. Belle's joyful presence will be dearly missed.

Here are pictures of her arrival as well as a recent one of her growth.

Jeremy and Libby Unruh

27 May 2010