In October 2008, I adopted Orphan Annie (Grace) from ABTCR, best thing I ever did. I would like to tell you about her. The name Grace did not last long, I found out real quick she was Burt, not graceful at all. For close to nine and a half years she never left my side, always next to me on the couch or love seat, never known to not find a pillow. She would protect the smoker until the food was done. Her first night in her new home was something else, the sound of her bay (the first time I heard it) was a cross between a roar and mooo, quite the sound, out the kennel she came ( she did not want to stay in there) and proceeded to jump on the bed, and there she would stay until I got up. Oh, did mention she snored, not a little snore but SNORED !!!! Burt liked to plod along, never really ran at all except for squirrels. She would hop when she bayed and then at the same time the drool would fly. She was large, almost 80 lbs of love. I could not have ever asked for a better besty (including best hound at my wedding ).

On December 21, 2017 we had our last walk she was pretty weak and still wanted her walk, so we did our best. She could not get in or out the truck anymore I had to pick her up. We walked into the vetís office, she was still proud her tail up. I never left her side just as she never left mine. She passed in my arms, on our terms and I hope she knew how much she was loved. She will be missed.

George Rice, Burt's dad

Burt's Happy Ending Page

3 January 2018