She came into ABTCR from Alabama, a downhearted, emaciated stray, that was overly bred, and heartworm positive. She was named Sarah Beth. She was returned to rescue several times before she ended up here. I named her after the puppets 'Punch + Judy.' Puppet Punch was a male who packed a wallop. My Punch had learned along the way having a good defense was her best offense. Slowly after acclimating here she felt secure enough to drop the bravado. What lay underneath was an old soul who had the wisdom to understand things immediately.

She was kind, gentle, persistent, loving and happy. She worked weekly with incarcerated youth up until the pandemic hit. Punch could tell which boys needed her. She got even the hardest cases to soften to her charm. She brightened my life every day. She'd do small things, give a slight tail thump if she saw me walk into a room. I had her 8 1/2 yrs. She was a wonderful older sister to Noble who stood taller in her company. She had that effect on me too. Something about being with her made you feel everything was going to be alright. My final act of love was the hardest, helping her find peace after an aggressive cancer surfaced 9 months ago. She was 'one of those dogs', a teacher, friend, forgiving and loving companion. Noble and I miss her terribly.


18 June 2021