We adopted Penny Lane on 12/19/2005. We had her flown from Albany, N.Y. to Jacksonville, Fl. In February of this year Penny Lane was diagnosed with bone cancer and had 2 lesions on her lung. That very day we started on Radiation and Chemo. We also were using a drug called pamidronate which is like the human drug boniva. This was something new to try and get the bone to fortify itself and also help with the pain. Miss Lane was such a trooper. Through all the treatments (4 Radiation and 8 Chemos) she never got sick, always ate her food, had no hair loss and was always happy. We thought that we had the cancer somewhat on the run. The lesions on her lung got smaller 3 times and the cancer in her leg stayed the same, no better no worse. All these good things usually don't happen. Everything good we hoped for was happening.

She loved to play with her brothers, a Cocker Winston and Daniel a Benji mix. We like to go camping so Penny Lane and the boys always went with us. We have a pop up and I enclosed a picture of Penny with a bone in the camper taken a few years ago and another one last year in the Smokey Mountains.

Last week she was just no acting right and then went off her food. We took her right away to the emergency room and had tests and ultra sounds done. There was a tumor on her spleen. She had surgery 10/25 to remove the spleen and tumor and she was doing good. We went to see her 10/26 and got to spend quality time with her. I am glad that we did. She had 24/7 care and the nurses were constantly in touch with the surgeon. Then 10/27 we get the call that no one wants to get. Things were not going well for our sweet little girl and the decision had to be made. From what the oncologist said the symptoms Penny Lane experienced were liver related and more than likely were cancer.

My husband and I felt that Penny Lane was a very special gift to us and added so much joy and happiness to our family. Everyone that meet her said she was such a sweet dog and she really was. I don't remember the person's name in Albany who fostered Penny but I would like them and Jayne to know that Penny Lane was very much loved and enjoyed a wonderful life with us here in Jacksonville, Fl. We lost our hound mix a year ago to cancer. He was the same, a super sweet boy. His name was Murphy and he and Penny Lane bonded right away when we introduced them in 2005. I have enclosed a picture of them in my parents motor home. Penny Lane is in the front! We know that they are at the Rainbow Bridge playing with all of the others.

Penny Lane will always be in our Hearts and will never be forgotten.
Bill and Lynne Ricci

Penny Lane's Happy Ending Page

4 November 2011